Saturday, May 7, 2011

NIT Kurukshetra: the failure story of a successful engineering institution

Before I begin I would like to clear some points about my philosophy. It is common among many people to identify an institution with a living entity. They’ll curse the people running the institution but the institution in itself for them is a second mother. Alma Mater, they say! I am not one of them. For me the institution is nothing more than the people that make it. An institution is good if it is managed well and it is bad if it’s not. For me it’s that simple. I don’t believe that the institution is like my mother or anything because I don’t so liberally bestow the respect engraved in the word ‘mother’ to anybody else than the lady who deserves it. With this in mind I dive into the criticism of the institution that has sheltered me for 4 long years, and which through both satisfaction and despair has taught me a lot.

To all those youngsters who want to pursue a career in Engineering, this might come as a bad news but it is the truth that Engineering has lost its meaning in the present scenario unless you are a graduate from the top institutions. By the top institutions I mean only few of the IITs( mind not all), BITS Pilani and very few of the NITs. And if you are studying in an institution such as the NIT Kurukshetra, as it is in its present state, you won’t dare to include yourself in that elite group. It’s not just about NIT Kurukshetra but about thousands of other engineering institutions which have sprouted out like diseased pimples on the face of this nation. And they are growing in number day by day.

What I see in here every day is not a drive for excellence but an ever growing culture of laziness and procrastination, not only among students, which is so common these days, but even among the teachers. The teacher-student relationship is strained, as much as it can be. Teachers don’t care about the students. For them students are not supposed to have a personal life, anything that does not involve headless work and meaningless labour. Students feel their teachers are a group of good-for-nothing old buzzards who like nothing more than to bore them with their lectures and their inane remarks. No exchange of knowledge is possible under these tense circumstances.

Administration! It’s better not to talk about it. It is possible that even a seven year old kid would do a better job of managing than all those educated fools sitting around wasting their time and the government’s money. Corruption aside, they are downright incapable of managing even a public toilet. Altogether it has created an apathetic environment in these colleges which is becoming more and more difficult to break as the present situation persists on. A radical change is needed, something that can bring engineering back from this path of decadence.

However, we might find some respite from these bleak prospects. As in my case, in NIT Kurukshetra there are still a few teachers who are true to their profession and stick to their principles. They are like lone sentinels weathering the storm and they are the teachers who command the unquestioned respect of their students. But they are few to be found.

Unlike in the case of private institutions, institutions like NIT Kurukshetra have the capability to progress and be counted among the premiere engineering institutes. It has the infrastructure unlike other colleges. But what is wrong is with the people making up these institutions. They are the students. They are the teachers. The are the managers. Perfection is a dream that can only be pursued but the pursuit of perfection is what makes us better and better. There are many thing that needs to be changed here, which when carried out can regain the reputation of old for our college.