Friday, August 28, 2009

Following Dreams-a Taboo!

        Well, after giving such an elaborate name to my blogspot I felt it my responsiblity to explain to my fellow bloggers and readers what made me contrive upon such a title. Well this title or rather these words are the favourite in my dictionary and they are a kind of thrust-giver for me. 

         To quote George Bernard Shaw "You see things; and you say, "Why?" But I dream things that never were; and I say, "Why not?"

         This immemorable quote presses the point I want to make understood. How many great men have you seen who were the ones who followed mundane routines? If Thomas Alva Edison had decided that dreaming about giving the world something as wonderful as electricity is hopeless then we would all have been bereaved of the pleasure of reading my blog!Jokes apart, if every man who had ever touched the world and said" I can change it" thought like most of us do, if all of them had been afraid of their own dreams then where would we have been? I have passed my school life and am midway through my college and it is what I have noticed everyday and what I despise this world for doing is destroying the Dreamer in every kid. It is as if they want these kids to be like mechanised beings who can do only what they are told. It sometimes leads me to believe that this world is being run by the mere contrivance of a very evil and brilliant mind who is gaining control over us by his devious means. Why is it that parents are so energetic in destroying the imagination in their kids? Why is that from the day their kids learn to spell "Mother" they are taught that they are meant to attend the most prestigious institutions present in the nation in all parts of their career? Why do they burden them with stupid textbooks when they should be encouraging them to play around or maybe read children's novels, because I'll tell you-these novels can impart more wisdom to the kids than hundreds of those dumd-cover textbooks read for days and days to end. And what we see in front of our eyes is a direct consequence of this-thousands of engineering colleges all over the country like cobwebs producing engineers like maggots in a stagnant pond. And what use are these engineers coming to? They take on some stupid job, marry, and then bear kids upon whom they impart the same infinitesimal and evenso completely twisted wisdom they have acquired in their fruitless lifetime.

           To quote the famed singer John Lennon "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one, I hope someday you will join us, and the world will live as one."

            I haven't heard words this relevant in my entire career.To quote from another of his songs "They hate you if you're clever, and they despise a fool."

           This is exactly what happens everyday,everywhere. People who have a vision are despised everywhere by lesser people who are happy with their good-for-nothing selves. It is like a disease-how good men who have capability are brought down to the level where they could no more think for themselves. I have seen boys with a conception ,even now when in their youth they should be vigorous and fearless, that the boss at any workplace is right to shout at you even though you might be hundred times more capable than him, the boss is always right. Even now they don't have the guts among friends to say something like "I'll whack that idiot upright." That is what I would have liked to heard. Instead they start sermoning me on how you have no control over what happens in your life after a time, that you have to accept it as it comes even though it might kick you around like a football. I have known people close to me to have walked out upon remunerative jobs only because their boss ,who knew next to nothing about their own work, derived pleasure by abusing his juniors. The person I am alluding to tried to adjust as best he could but every dreamer has his limit. If you believe in yourself and your dreams you wouldn't be afraid of anything at all.

              So "Dream on, dream on, Dream on till you dream comes true" and don't ever compromise your pride for anything. Because I believe you are more important in this world and your dreams are more important to this world than what you are trying to do that is nothing but follow the 'sheep down the well.'

Thursday, August 27, 2009

          "On Wings of Dream I fly up high,

            Never to turn my eyes

            Upon the ground that now so lowly lie.

            Above the sky and into the clouds

             Where the farthest reach of all mankind

             Lay in shattered ruins under the wanton sky.

             But I who rule the day and night

             Won't give up ever on this fight

              Till I be Master

              And Slave be Time." 

      Friends, welcome me as a newcomer in the fraternity of bloggers or another hopeless soul trying to burden the planet with my point of view, but here I am and I hope to stick around for quite a long time and indeed throw some of my own hard-earned wisdom for all to catch. This poem I have written for my first post as I seemed it fitting as the beginning for something I have high hopes for, both for my interest and the interest of my fellow bloggers.

      SO farewell till I be back with something even more interesting. Maybe I'll put down about myself but fear not, it won't be another one of those dragging self-eulogising peice of crap that aren't half as true as I am the president of India. i'll be sure to spice it up for you guys and it won't be a single lie.

See You till then.