Thursday, August 27, 2009

          "On Wings of Dream I fly up high,

            Never to turn my eyes

            Upon the ground that now so lowly lie.

            Above the sky and into the clouds

             Where the farthest reach of all mankind

             Lay in shattered ruins under the wanton sky.

             But I who rule the day and night

             Won't give up ever on this fight

              Till I be Master

              And Slave be Time." 

      Friends, welcome me as a newcomer in the fraternity of bloggers or another hopeless soul trying to burden the planet with my point of view, but here I am and I hope to stick around for quite a long time and indeed throw some of my own hard-earned wisdom for all to catch. This poem I have written for my first post as I seemed it fitting as the beginning for something I have high hopes for, both for my interest and the interest of my fellow bloggers.

      SO farewell till I be back with something even more interesting. Maybe I'll put down about myself but fear not, it won't be another one of those dragging self-eulogising peice of crap that aren't half as true as I am the president of India. i'll be sure to spice it up for you guys and it won't be a single lie.

See You till then. 

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