Thursday, September 10, 2009

FRIENDSHIP: The God's Way!

"Those friends thou hast, and their adoption tried,
Grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel;
But do not dull thy palm with entertainment
Of each new-hatch'd, unfledg'd comrade."
- William Shakespeare

Shakespeare had his own way of defining a Friend but now after deciding to dedicate this blog space to something that truly is embedded deep in my heart I realised how hard it is to reach its unfathomable depths. I sat in front of the screen and the blinking cursor thinking why was it so difficult to put anything about the most valued feeling on Earth in writing, and then I realised why? All the time I talked, I played, I laughed and I shared with a friend I never stopped a moment to thank God for the beautiful gift;I took it for granted. But a few moments of solitude taught me that what fifteen years of life couldn't teach me: that life is meaningless without friends just like a Man without a Heart or the Rose without its scent. When i realised this I saw that I could forgive my friends for any pain that they have ever caused me, because it is inevitable that in a relationship that extends beyond the realms of reason and wordly ties there will be a certain amount of love lost at some time. But Friendship is such a relationship whose foundation is based on differences and how best to resolve them than a small friendly quarrel. That is why when I realised this, I saw I could respect those differences, that small differences are what makes our friendship stronger and that is what helps us adhere to each other.
When we see all the traits that makes friends of people we understand the quote we learnt in childhood wasn't at all irrelevant:"Mother is a Childs best Friend." So true.A mother is all the friendship that a child could ever need. When we think deeply we see that all the relationship on earth are wholly, or if not so then, atleast remotely related to friendship. Love is nothing but friendship. Friendship pervades the universe and connects hearts, to harmonise them and bring a stability in all the confusion present in nature.
But it is said that the worst wound possible is the wound to the heart, and a person whom we give so much lee-way to that haven of Man's feelings, a friend, is the person who can hurt you the most. What wound can the sword inflict? The sharp edge of the sword yields not even the tiniest part of threat that a friend holds for another friend. A broken heart is hard to mend. But does that mean we need to stay aloof from friends, to stop being friends(as impossible an idea as that might be because you can never stop being friends, i believe!)? When I tried to solve this problem I saw God's hand on this world and his meticulous ways were laid bare in front of me. The lessons He had set for a Man in his way through life, the Hurdles that He has set are all meant to take us one step closer to His conscience. Forgiveness, the foremost virtue we associate with the Almighty is what is to be learnt from all this. If you can forgive your Friend who has hurt you and forget it, you will see what God intends of you. Inflicting pain, taking revenge is all easy but forgiving is difficult, and everyone who has seen God's way knows this.
So as I now close this blog with this feeling I resolve to forgive from now on and to love, never hate. Maybe another day I'll be back with whether I succeded in it or not. It's not an easy thing to do yet it is the easiest thing, because it is what is meant to be, the only thing I have to do what I need to do and what my heart says is right. Goodbye my friends and thanks for reading. See you!

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